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Warm greetings from EBS

Chang, Hae-rang, CEO of Korea Educational Broadcasting System

I am Chang, Hae-rang, CEO of Korea Educational Broadcasting System(EBS).
As a public broadcasting, EBS pursues clear goals and values.
Through EBS, It is not only a supplement for school education but also a lifelong education for nurturing civilized people with the help of mature personality and growth of society, economy and culture.

EBS provides diversified education services in the highest standard and endeavors to achieve the bridging role for the social agreement on the meaning of existence of EBS and better social integration.

Durian website in which the support services for multicultural families are carried out by EBS provides Korean education programs for learning Korean language and culture as well as EBS multicultural contents for immigrant families in 3 languages (English, Vietnamese and Chinese).

Durian is the heart of sharing by EBS for foreign workers and female marriage immigrants in Korea, overseas Koreans and everyone who wishes to learn Korean language.

Thank you.

President EBS 장해랑